Filming in Paris for the OECD

January 8, 2019 , , jimstokesphotography

After delivering a few successful interviews and digital campaign pieces for the OECD, I was flown to Paris to film for Education 2030.

I was tasked with producing/filming interviews with the students and leading academics on subjects as diverse as student mental health and the future ethical challenges of AI.

Interviewing students about the future of education

Education 2030 is a new initiative that brings the voice of students to the global policy table. A series of open forum conferences with policy leaders and academics from around the world all gathered to hear the findings of the student group. To inform future education policy that engages and is relevant all voices have to be represented.

Student leaders getting a seat at the table

So in short order I was chatting to students about what they think is wrong with education and then having a discussion with a professor about the ethical challenges raised by our future reliability on AI.

I had a great chat with Prof Rose Luckin about ethics in AI

I operate as a shooting director – that means the client tells me what they need to achieve and then I take care of everything else. The shoot, the interview and the post production.

Interviewing students and academics

The OECD is an amazing organisation with a mission that is right up my street. So to get to talk education, economics, ethics and global policy was a real treat.

After a successful three days of shooting and a happy client, I took the opportunity to do my other favourite thing – walking around a great city with my cameras. Paris is the home of some of the best photography of all time, so I soaked up the atmosphere and got lost with my lenses.

On the Metro
Dining alone in the 16th Arrondissement – tough times
The beautiful architecture of the 5th Arrondissement
Walking around Paris at night
Different ways to shoot iconic sites
Going underground
A trip to Shakespeare and Company had been on my list for many years

If you’re looking for film content or photo stories – give me a shout and we can discuss your requirements.

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