Inspiring Women at The London Stock Exchange

January 24, 2018 , , jimstokesphotography

The Inspiring Women Campaign connects pupils and professionals to illustrate career opportunities for young girls. I’ve been shooting for them for over seven years, covering an array of high profile events.

This time we were at The London Stock Exchange to introduce over one hundred school girls to all the successful women that work there. The women told the girls their stories and answered questions in small groups. Angela Eagle MP and Vice Air Marshal Elaine West joined the girls to back up the lesson that young women who work hard and concentrate can achieve the highest roles in the land.

I was on hand to film interviews and shoot stills for promoting the campaign. I shot a mixture of portraits (colour and black and white), event details, social media content and also filmed interviews. At the end of the day the client had a strong selection of digital content to tell the day’s stories.

Have a run through and if you like what you see give me a shout to discuss your events.

Angela Eagle MP

Vice Air Marshal Elaine West meets the pupils at The London Stock Exchange

The pupils had a chance for one on one conversations with the gathering of inspiring women


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