dxw digital promo film

June 18, 2018 , , jimstokesphotography

dxw is a successful tech company providing smart digital services to the public sector. Recently they celebrated their first ten years with a massive party and a new promotional film.

With a strong reputation for delivering tech that actually serves user needs their work environment is open, confident and full of character – all of which which we wanted to get on screen.

After a speedy pre production plan I set about visiting dxw’s offices in Hoxton Square and interviewing members of the team.

Research, script development, structure and strategy were all concluded quickly so we could hit the ground running and start shooting. With budget in mind, we gathered cutaways and character images after interviews were complete and began cutting during the filming process.

Getting full access to the day to day working allows us to shoot relevant cutaways and documentary footage that strengthens the final film.

Depending on the scale of production (I can arrange for multiple camera, lighting, sound, wardrobe and make up) I like to make films with the minimum disruption to the environment that I’m shooting in.

dxw live their brand values so it wasn’t a challenge to convey their enthusiasm and dedication to delivering great work.

We wanted to contrast all the digital screen time with natural light.

Always room for a little character.

Establishing shots of the area are all part of the story and help to set the scene.

How do we make coding visually exciting? Shoot macro with a shallow depth of field to let that lovely type become a moving image.

The best strategy for a promotional film is often to let the client do the talking. Our job is to weave that together in a compelling and visually attractive way.

Enjoy the film and give us a shout if you’d like to discuss your own digital film.

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