Photo story of the Salvage Cafe

The Salvage Cafe Shoot

January 23, 2018 , , jimstokesphotography

Photo story for the Salvage Cafe Brand

Documentary shoot of one of Brighton’s favourite little coffee spots.

The Salvage Cafe is one of Brightons hidden gem’s. From spending far too much time in there “working” and being a friend of the owner I’ve made this my showcase branding project. All the regulars agreed that the cafe had a feel of the place that the writers of history would meet and great novels were written, all very 20’s Paris, so that is what I set out to convey.


I started with a shoot and generated all the imagery you see here. A photo essay concentrating on the process of making coffee and the details and textures of the cafe – as everything is for sale, we needed to show all the lovely objects that make up the environment. I like to focus in and shoot close up to generate imagery that is crying out for typography. You can see the entire shoot here. 



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