Talking Point event at 20th Century Fox

January 23, 2018 , , jimstokesphotography

If I’m covering an event, I want to create an image that immediately conveys the spirit and ethos of the experience.

With a background as an art director and designer working on global accounts and campaigns for years, I know how imagery is used to sell and promote. I know the image we are looking for. Everyone can take a few snaps on their phone to say this is what we’re doing or I was here. But I’m after creating imagery that is evocative of something a little more impressive. Freezing the moment and adding gravitas.

Haris Zambarloukos BSC discusses his work as Director of Photography on Thor and Locke

Brad Backbourn – Supervising Director, Head of Pre Vis for Dreamworks and Framestore joined the discussion.

Two of the film industries leading FX and cinematography people discuss the FX on Gravity

The screening room and 20th Century Fox in Soho, hosted the best and brightest of the VFX world


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