Short films and photo bank for dxw digital

April 1, 2019 , , jimstokesphotography

Providing visual content for the leading tech firm and telling their story through short films.

After making a ten year anniversary film for the Hoxton based dxw digital, I was commissioned to make another film and come and shoot stills of the team at work.

Gearing up to refresh their online message required digital content about their strongest assets – the staff.

So I joined the friday huddle and unobtrusively covered the team at work.

The brief was to provide a bank of imagery showing the team, office culture and details of the core processes that have made dxw a leading player in public sector digital.

dxw helps create public services that improve peoples lives. They work within the public sector and have a reputation for delivering reliable, effective services and bringing strong values and ethics to their work.

I shoot in colour but often process a selection in black and white or a variation of film stocks and art direction to give options for final use.

It was a great day shooting the team at work and interviewing volunteers about working on such important projects. You can see the shoot here and the shots and films in situ at

Please do give me a call if you need some fresh photography or a new story telling.

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