David Lammy MP at the New River Studios

January 22, 2018 , , jimstokesphotography

Supporting a very cool recording studio in North London, UK music arranged an event with students meeting leaders from the music industry and local MP David Lammy.

The idea was to educate a generation looking for work and inspired by music to see that there is an industry to take seriously and a raft of careers available. Also, the The New River Studios is there to provide an environment and brain trust for up and coming artists. I covered the day and captured enough footage to make a short promotional film about the event, gather a few important interviews and captured quality stills for digital and promotional content.

I’m always searching for the iconic image from an event. A life of studying historic photography and a passion for capturing the truth of a moment means that i’m always trying to beat the past.

One of my favourite shots of the day. David Lammy MP supporting the UK Music event at New River Studios, inspiring and informing young people about the careers available in the music industry.

On a personal level I’m super pleased that I managed to grab a few strong shots of Mr Lammy and the client was really pleased with all the other hi quality media that I generated at the event.

A good day all round!

One of the students is happy to feedback to UK Music about their experience and what they have learned on the open day.

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